What We Offer



Activities are special classes or outings.  Some of our recent activities have included a craft class, bike ride, exercise class, or street food tour. Activities are limited to current ACS members and their family/visitors. Pre-registration is required. ACS cancellation policy applies. 



Special events typically are evening or weekend events to allow members and their family to attend together.  Events are open to all current ACS members. Pre-registration is required, some events are open to Non-members at a non-member price. ACS cancelation policy applies.

Contact: events@acshanghai.com



Luncheons are hosted once a month at a Shanghai restaurant.  We include a variety of cuisines in different parts of the City. Luncheons are open to Members and Non-Members unless there is limited restaurant seating. Non-Member pricing may apply. Pre-registration is required.  ACS cancelation policy applies.

Contact: events@acshangai.com

Meet & Greets


Our Meet & Greets are the best opportunity to sign up for club membership. This is a great a chance to meet new and old friends over coffee, and learn more about our club. You will also find a selection of vendors offering information on services such as medical, travel, and food supplier, as well as those selling goods such as jewelry, clothing, Chinese items, and food.   Come join us for a great morning!

Contact:  info@acshanghai.com

Coffee Connections


Weekly coffee gatherings are organized in Puxi and Pudong giving our members a chance to get together to make weekend plans, trade tips, share favorite restaurant suggestions, and talk about family and life in Shanghai.  

Contact:  info@acshanghai.com

Happy Hour


Puxi and Pudong Happy Hours

are organized weekly. These get togethers allow members to meet after work hours in a relaxed, fun, and casual atmosphere. The venues picked usually provide our club with special discounts on food and drinks.

Contact:  info@acshanghai.com


Reservations are required for Events and Activities, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  You must register by email separately for each event, activity, luncheon, etc. that you wish to attend.  Please include names of family members attending and your current member number for verification. Cash payment is to be made by the beginning of each event, unless otherwise noted.

Cancelations:   If you must cancel, we normally require a minimum of 72 hours advance notice prior to any event, activity, or luncheon. If you do not cancel within the 72 hour time period, you will be charged for the function. This is a necessity as many of our providers require a minimum number of attendees in order for us to receive the price we have negotiated. Our teams will continue to work hard to obtain the best prices and high quality of activities, events, luncheons  etc.  Any changes in policy will be communicated  to members when applicable.