American Club Shanghai’s (ACS) 2018-2019 Philanthropic Partners

Every year the American Club Shanghai partners with philanthropies throughout Shanghai and China to help make an impact on the lives of others. This year we are proud to partner with 5 charities for fundraising efforts as shown below.

2019-20 Philanthropic Partners

Heart to Heart


Heart to Heart Shanghai (H2H) Provides support and financial assistance to indigent Chinese children who require heart surgery. Also provide financial assistance to rural Chinese schools which require libraries or other essentials. 

  • Statistics -Support ~140 surgeries and 16 libraries annually; Operating for 15 years.
  • Donation Use – 100% of donations are used for children’s heart surgeries or rural school libraries.
  • Volunteer Needs – Need volunteers of all skill sets and in addition, those skilled in sewing, knitting, crocheting, working with children, managing people, marketing, and working with the public. Need networking assistance as well.

Educating Girls in Rural China (EGRC)


Educating Girls in Rural China (EGRC)  Provides financial sponsorship and emotional support to young women from poverty stricken rural regions of Western China to receive high school and college education.

  • Statistics -Will surpass 1000 students total this year; Operating for 13 years.
  • Donation Use – HS or college sponsorship and covers tuition and/or living expenses.
  • Volunteer Needs – Visit the girls, provide mentorship or run various training programs.

Shanghai Baby Home Healthcare


Shanghai Baby Home 

Provides very sick orphans across China with medical treatment so as to help them survive and get a beautiful future  

  • Statistics – Support 235+ children annually; Operating for 10 years
  • Donation Use – Medical treatments and daily needs
  • Volunteer Needs – to play with kids, provide massage, create handicrafts and run music class. Also need volunteers who can edit WeChat posts or good at media.